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2015 at the helm of #FeesMustFall the young gallant fighters raised the bar higher by demanding that the workers at the universities across the country whose services are outsourced under the guise of saving cost be insourced so that they can enjoy all the benefits, it was a struggle that was very critical especially when the students were demanding free decolonized education, they felt that it was incomplete to leave behind our campus parents that with our black skins we have always been viewed as invisible pariahs. Frantz Fanon (1976) and others point out that the invention of blackness was basically about questioning the very humanity of black people, Christins Sharpes’s (2016) in the Wake he said that On blackness and being has demonstrated that the creation of race was closely tied to economic greed, that was used to justify enslavement and colonial conquest. There is an inseparable dialectic between race and exploitation of workers, in the History of South Africa since the Labour Immigration to the Cape, black people have been victims of the indenture system and cheap labour as a demonstration that they are not black enough.


The struggle of insourcing at the University of Pretoria and University of South Africa was led and championed by fearless students leaders whose conviction couldn’t allow them to be silent because of the violence our black mothers and fathers go through working in the worst working conditions as second class citizens, under outsourcing upon retirement they do not have benefits and the proper income to make ends meet. We know the concentration camps called “Townships” that under the colonial and apartheid rule black people were forcefully placed there for them to only access the cities as labours, the violence our mothers that have to go through was the reason why the student leaders had to fight fearlessly for them to be insourced. It was going to be meaningless to fight for free decolonized education and leave out black labour at the institutions of higher learning whose existence has been turned into a commodity by the bourgeoisie to exploit them and pay them nothing but a bus ticket.


Post -1994 South Africa’s arrangement with the colonizers into a so called “democratic” South Africa where the sanctimonious oppressor’s rule was still dominating, Blacks had to assimilate to the white settler constituted world so that they can have a break from the day to day torture. The hope when the African National Congress took over that black people will get liberation instead, they began with despotism subsequently became the managers of the white supremacist system. It was in 1996 when the black government enacted legislation that allowed the ruling elites to outsource services.


The 2015/16 insourcing struggle began and became a political solution to the continued exploitation of workers, workers joined hands with student’s leader, they were ready to give it all, earning little as R3000 per month. The struggle was indeed a mountain to climb sometimes it was faced with sporadic violence and merciless police brutality or private security violence and court interdicts. None of the balkanization tactics could deter student’s leader from championing the insourcing of workers, suspensions and arrests to destabilize the movement as it is always expected in a white colonial settler world where white minorities have made laws to regulate black bodies. The Universities due to pressure acceded to the demands, committees were appointed to facilitate the insourcing process and workers at the University of South Africa in 2016 were insourced with all the benefits and better salaries that range between R9000 and R10000.



NASA-Workers was given birth by the struggle of insourcing, it gives meaning to our ideological position and what the union stands for that it is no longer palatable that people are exploited through outsourcing whilst the ruling elites claim to be fighting for the poor, in fact it is done deliberately to ensure the current societal settings and antagonisms remain. NASA-Workers seeks to fight against the commodification of our parents to further perpetrate the social order. The labour space of South Africa is full of treacherous tendencies and they have been silent to many issues of exploitation and have fully assimilated to the space.