The National Association of South African Workers (NASA) says it will continue to down tools at train stations if Passenger Rail Agency (Prasa) refuses to meet its demands.

Outsourced cleaning staff at the Prasa have picketed at the train station in the Johannesburg city centre on Thursday. They threatened to shut down the transport hub, but no disruptions have been reported as yet.

Mpho Morolane is General Secretary of the union. “These workers are on a three months basis. They are introduced to the new employer, they don’t have contracts of employment, they don’t have provident fund, they don’t contribute to the UIF. In our view as NASA workers that is modern slavery.”

The workers are protesting against poor working conditions at the company. Many say they don’t have contracts and earn below the minimum wage.

Prasa says it hasn’t yet received a memorandum of grievances from the protestors, but will consider their grievances.

The group is determined to continue striking until their demands are met.